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Domain registration

domainYour business will be taken seriously if you use your own e-mail address and the address of your website is elegant. It is now available to everyone!

Would you like if your website’s name was displayed in its own registered internet address just like the most successful companies? Then you are at the right place! Right after the registration you become the owner of your domain name and if you keep on renewing it in case of expiration it remains yours, thus your addresses do not change.

After the registration individual e-mail addresses and websites can be created such as:

  • clever.client@mycompany.com
  • www.mycompany.hu

Although the registration of the domain names is a simple administration task, but during the registration process on a so called name server (DNS server) technically they have to exist. On condition the connecting websites and email services are placed on our network the necessary name servers will be provided with you free of charge.

Mention has to be made that timing is crucial, it is advised to have your domain registered as soon as possible before the competition. Our company undertakes the registration of almost all kinds of international and domestic domain names. The possibilities are endless: .com .net .org .eu .hu .sk and much more.

A domain name is considered the part after @ sign, website’s name is considered after www. abreviation. Our service mentioned above contains only the registration, you will also need web hosting services also. Register your company as soon as possible!

A free e-mail address does not suit a severe business,

might contain spams so I do not even read it…

(F.G. Veresegyház)