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Email settings

keyboardOutgoing mailing server

Type: SMTP
Host: smtp.tuxexpert.com
User: The email address itself
Password: Received by mail
Port: 2500
Encryption: TLS / STARTTLS

Incoming mail server

Type: IMAP
Host: imap.tuxexpert.com
User: The email address itself
Password: Received by mail
Port: 993
Encryption: SSL

Encryption settings

The outgoing mail server operates exclusively with the above given encryption, concerning the incoming mail’s server encryption according to the previously given is strongly advised.

Mailing programs

Mozilla Thunderbird Everyone knows it, advised for everybody! The corporate-wide applied automated settings makes the process simple indeed only a couple of data requested. We can provide you with support to this mailing program.

Microsoft Outlook Operational client, all functions are supported inside.

Microsoft Outlook Express Sending mails is not yet solved.

New post office boxes

Important! In order to create a new post office box you need to send a letter to it!

The following folders are advised to be created in the root of the mailing box on condition these have not been created by the mailing program. English terms have to be used because most of the mailing programs take them into usage. For example the Hungarian version of Thunderbird after rebooting automatically renames these folders with Hungarian names. Folder names are letter size sensitive !

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