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Invoice payments

A frequently arising question is that how can someone cost effectively wire the service fees to a foreign country. Fortunately tehere are several options. As a default status banks charge high amounts concerning transfers even if it is just a smaller amount of money. That is why we would like to introduce two alternative paying options where the cost of transations are significantly lower.

SEPA transfer (Single Euro Payments Area)

The above mentioned way of transfer is available at almost each financial institutions in Hungary. By using this service cheap and quick transfers can be made to the Euro currency accounts. These wires reach the recipient maximum within a day.Concerning this kind of transfer the following requirements have to be met:


  • The data of the wire have to be punctual
  • The target country has to be located within the EU.
  • The currency must be Euro
  • The value must not exceed 50.000EUR
  • The transfer has to be electronic wire
  • The costs of the transfer are to be mutually beared (SHA)

In this case the charges of the banks are centrally regulated by the EU that is why they can not sky rocket. In our heading section you can find all the necessary information in order to proceed a SEPA transfer. For further information please contact your local bank. For more detailed information visit the following website: European Commission

Paying invoices in cash

In Slovakia there is a possibility for paying your invoices in cash directly to Tuxexpert’s account at Tatra Banks’ branches, to which all the necessary information can be found under the “invoice payment” heading.


There is a possibility for cash payments in Hungary as well at the branches of Raiffeisen bank. You can find the necessary information under the “invoice payment” heading. The nearest branch can be found on the central website of the bank: www.raiffeisen.hu



Should you have a debit card we provide you with the possibility of Pay Pal payments as a payment method. Pay Pal is especially popular in the US thanks to its user-friendlyness. After the necessary registration the clients are requested to provide with the bank card data in the Pay Pal account, then validating the card with a small amount of purchase with a code written in the “notice” section.


Having followed the above mentioned guidance by providing with the account user name and password in our website’s “invoice payment” section you can make payments easily and safe with relatively low costs.

Money Bookers

The previous system’s alternative option is Money Bookers that is also available on our website under “invoice payment” section as a favourable payment method.