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VoIP Clients

DeviceThere are more solutions to connect to our services.

Acrobits Softphones for your Cellphone

We assume that you have Internet access on your cellphone, so the most flexible solution to use our VoIP service is to install one of the leader softphone applications to your phone. We recommend you the Acrobits softphones. The Acrobits Softphone is a good choice for inviduals and the Groundwire for business purposes.

acrobits groundwire
Acrobits Groundwire





To set up your new Acrobits client is absolutely easy, just choose Tuxexpert from the provider list. For the required login account please call our customer service.

Desktop IP phones

You can use Desktop IP phones in your office and we can help you to find the best solution.

Cisco_IpPhoneOther Solutions

In case if you want to integrating our services to your existing phone PBX we can do it for you too.